Wouldn’t it feel great to feel better about ourselves and even the world?  To become inspired in life, align with our unique purpose, begin to have ideas and offer our contributions to our communities and the world?

Sara Doolittle speaks to women’s groups, mind/body/spirit groups, support groups for health challenges/disease, including challenges with addiction or abuse, wellness centers, schools, as well as yoga centers and spiritual organizations. She shares that as we understand how our patterns inform what we experience, we realize there’s another way to work through our problems and challenges, and to simply bring our lives more alive.  It’s possible to experience our self and our place in the world differently and to create an inspired life.

The many choices we make each day directly impact what we experience and how we feel, not only about our self, but about the world.  Opportunities appear as we let go of our own limiting habits and beliefs.  It’s possible to see things from a higher perspective and learn to create what we desire to experience.

And there’s no better time to consider how the many current day issues, dramas and accepted negative influences can easily pull us back to limited thoughts, and feelings of discouragement and hopelessness.  Offering practical tools and suggestions, Sara discusses how to step back from these influences.  We’re currently being shown there’s no better time to learn how to cultivate positivity, joy, peace, and inner strength.

Everyone has their own personal and unique experiences and can find their best way to create inspiration, inner peace, clarity, joy, and a deeper connection with all.




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