About This Blog

For many years I trudged along, checking off the many scripted boxes of life all the time feeling most underwhelmed by life.  Also, I couldn’t shake a long-standing belief that I was worthless, and that core belief colored the way I looked at everyone and everything.  When I reached a point when I could no longer tolerate my circumstances of being attached to that long-standing limiting belief, I connected with what I needed and got to work.

Through many years of taking on supportive practices and habits, and making changes, I began to experience more clarity, joy, and a more positive and inspired outlook on everything.  It was no small effort but it’s still paying off and the work continues.

Through blogging, my intention is to stop watering myself down and making myself small.  Some might feel some of my posts are just outlandish and some are…but good for me, that means I’m not holding back because you might not like me.  As I’m updating this section, I’m thinking about certain blog posts and asking ugh, why did I share that?  Squirm-worthy it might be…self-editing and trying to fit in, mainstreaming myself, was partly why my life felt so underwhelming and scripted.  Writing this blog assists me in becoming comfortable sharing my experiences and expressing what I’m learning about spirituality, awareness, and higher consciousness.  There are so many spiritual pop stars and famous experts that we look to.  There are mini and major empires built on this subject matter.  I feel it’s important to hear from everyday people that are in the thick of experiencing all this.  Hopefully, we’re inspired to look to ourselves to heal, see the abundance of assistance we’re receiving, and begin to take on new empowering thoughts, and create more love, joy, and inspiration not only for ourselves but for the world.

So I’m allowing my commas to land correctly or not, my words to fall as they may.  As I struggle writing certain posts you get to see my continuous evolutionary process of embracing my own personal and unique version of spirituality.  How higher consciousness, living with greater awareness, and beautifully partnering with my own intuition…my divine guidance, exists for me on any given day.


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