About This Blog

Through many years of taking on supportive practices and habits, and making changes, I began to experience more clarity, joy, and a more positive and inspired outlook on everything.  It was no small effort but it’s still paying off and the work continues.

Each of us beneficially contributes to the world through feeding our spirit by doing what brings us joy, and living from lighter and higher emotions.  We’re all connected, in spirit, as one humanity.  And, as we create avenues for positive change in ourselves, all of humanity benefits as well.

How we are being, how we are taking care of ourselves, to me, appears to be the key to creating better lives for ourselves and, the evolution of humanity.

Through this blog, my intention is to share my experiences and express what I’m learning about my own spirituality, living with more awareness in more moments, and how higher consciousness shows up for me.  There are so many spiritual and self-help pop stars and famous experts that we look to, with mini and major empires built on this subject matter.  However I love hearing from the rest of us.  Those who are in the thick of having their own unique experiences.

The more I share what’s showing up for me, the more I grow.  We all benefit from openly sharing with each other, and honoring our own thoughts.

So I’m allowing my commas to land correctly or not, and my words to fall as they may.


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