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How a Horoscope Cheered Me Up

A family member the other day said “Well, you’re a lot nicer to be around these days”.  To be fair, it was in the context of his statement, “so, you don’t watch the news.”  Still, it hurt.  It wasn’t a question so I needn’t have tried to explain why I may have been the way I was or how my new habits help me.  At one point he sniggered at something I said.  I wasn’t making a lot of sense.  I was too hurt by his comment, ticked off, and feeling defensive.

I’ve often thought that my family, and a long-time friend, believe that I became a better version of myself when I met a nice guy. Granted, this nice guy, now my husband, is an incredibly loving and kind person. He’s funny, creative, smart, clever, and I love him so much. But my life did not just snap into a beautiful place when he showed up.

My worst fear was realized when the family member continued on by saying, “And then you met Dave” referring that once I met my husband I was all unicorns and rainbows.  Um, no.  No one can make us happy, give us peace, or a sense of purpose.  I had to change the way I thought of myself.  I allowed his truly harmless words to upset me because to me it meant he doesn’t know me very well.

So a week later, I’m reading the local entertainment paper and come upon the horoscopes. I rarely look at horoscopes but decide to read my husband’s for fun. We laugh because it’s so general and so not him.

Then I start to read mine out loud and bammo it’s just how I feel!  Very specific and around the idea that no one really knows what I’ve accomplished.  As I kept reading we laughed at how surprisingly on target it was.  I giggled so much that tears were streaming down my face.  Thank you Universe, it’s just what I needed.

d5152-1501026167996The world will never fully know or appreciate the nature of your heroic journey.  Even the people who love you the most will only ever understand a portion of your epic quest to become your best self.  That’s why it’s important for you to be generous in giving yourself credit for all you have accomplished up until now and will accomplish in the future.  Take time to marvel at the majesty and miracle of the life you have created for yourself.  Celebrate the struggles you’ve weathered and the liberations you’ve initiated.  Shout Glory hallelujah! as you acknowledge your persistence and resourcefulness.  The coming weeks will be an especially favorable time to do this tricky but fun work.