Gracefulness, air, and water

Graceful is this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.  My examples of how air, water, and gracefulness interact.

Balloon festival in Colorado.


The “bad sail” as we like to call it.  We love it.  It increases our speed when the wind is behind us at just the right angle.  It’s graceful and quiet except for when it snaps-to as it fills with air.  It teaches infinite patience because just as we go through the gazillion steps to rig it, the wind changes to another angle, and we have to take it down and go back to the other sail…hence the “bad sail”.

On Way to Pickering Creek

A catboat, Selina II, that takes tourists out for short excursions in St. Michael’s MD.  We usually see her in daytime but one night, while we anchored out, we saw her gracefully sailing at dusk.  I think catboats are always graceful…and super cool sailboats.


The Antonio Jorge’s gracefulness on water.  In Provincetown Massachusetts, as she returned to port was a lovely sight to be seen.  Our whale watching plans were cancelled due to weather so I ended up having a killer seafood chowda (that’s how you say it) and we were treated to a sight of the Antonio Jorge.  Sometimes the best things happen when from a change in plans.



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