Monthly Archives: November 2016

What I’m experiencing this week

So I’ve been feeling really low, really tired and very cranky…and that was before Tuesday night.  Some of it was around a mild health thing I’ve got going on.  And sometimes I feel things roll in before they actually hit and have little to no idea what it’s about.  When Tuesday night rolled around I knew I was not going to spend hour after hour watching election results so I took my tired self to the movies for the special $6.00 Tuesday movies at my local theater.  Wednesday it rained literally and figuratively.  Thursday I went to a fabric store and found myself in a conversation with two other like-minded women.  A brief but great conversation ensued.  We’d finish each others sentences.  Basically we were saying that it’s up to us to make a difference.  For us to be the solution and to be the change that we desire.  To cooperate with each other and to take the high road.  I felt that lovely tingle in my core I feel when things are going well or I need to pay attention to something good that’s going on.  So I took my good energy on over to Home Depot to buy garden mulch.  All I know is, is that I have no desire to spend the next four years complaining to the TV and friends about the state of our country, and of the world.  Instead, what a perfect time for me to give my talks, stay with my volunteer work, and keep doing all the other things that keep me in balance and more joyful.  When I feel lighthearted I’m optimistic and I’m inspired to make a difference.  Whether it’s connecting with the nice people who were working at Home Depot yesterday (one of the landscape guys and I bonded over health remedies of all things), or connecting with the ladies at the fabric store.  These days remind me of the time during the aftermath of 9/11.  How nice everyone was to each other for a few weeks.  There was courtesy, respect, kindness, and empathy towards all the folks who were misunderstood.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could connect with each other in a higher way for more than just a few weeks.  While I didn’t know it back in 2001, I know now that the time period for more heart is up to me.  What will result from all that’s going on now in our country, I don’t know.  But I do feel there’s a bigger plan and while I have no idea what it is, as one of the ladies and I said, at the same time,…trust.