Putting myself out there

I’ve been talking a bit about my talks.  How much of a stretch it is for me to be seen.  A stretch to be me and let others see me being me.  To share a story, a life, some learnings, struggles, and how I’m creating this life I now appreciate and love.  Talking about giving talks and actually giving more talks is very different.  I’m happy to say a week ago I stepped up and put myself out there and shared a bit about myself at a very wonderful workshop that someone offers.  She’s a lovely person and invited me and another person to lead activities and talk about ourselves, sharing ourselves.  It was the perfect opportunity.  Hopefully it was a great experience for those in attendance.  For me, I met people that are looking to make changes in their lives.  It’s a quality I admire and I honor them for the questions they’re asking.  There were three of us leading activities and I still feel a connection with them and plan on seeing them again.  There are so many incredible people out there…maybe everyone is?  I’m hoping some connected with what I shared.  For me I found myself really enjoying myself and felt extremely lighthearted.  It was interesting to be aware of myself laughing and watching others really listening and laughing with me.  As I left my house that morning I was more than a little nervous…and it would be a small group!  My husband gave me a hug and said he was proud of me and off I went.  I’m becoming very tired of being scared so I look at what the fear might be about.  The fear is the same old belief that lurks.  I shine light on it and realize it’s not true.  The next time I feel it lurking it’s smaller still, and I’ll keep shining light on this old belief until it’s gone.  It’s so not worth it to let old thoughts keep me from having interesting, positive, even exciting experiences, a life beyond what I can imagine.  Nothing happens if I stay here and wonder what could be.  I’m turning on my light.



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