Wkly Photo Challenge – Local

This week’s WordPress photo challenge theme is Local…to show what local means to us and where our heart is.  For me, it’s the Chesapeake Bay, our local playground in this area.  I first explored the Bay as an option to get my beloved water fix more locally, rather than flying and driving up to New York state in the 1000 Islands.  After spending every summer as a child and then most weekends all through my adulthood, I was losing steam to travel that far to be on the water for two to three days every other weekend.  I sold my powerboat and tried my hand at sailing on the Bay.  As a result, I met my husband on the Bay.  Life has some very nice surprises.  Just over a year ago, because the Bay means so much to us, we had our wedding ceremony and reception at The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s beautiful headquarters. That’s our sailboat over my shoulder because of course we spent our honeymoon on the Bay.



One of our favorite places on the Bay (and there are many), is Hudson Creek on the Little Choptank River, shown in the photos below.  It’s lovely and quiet and we drop anchor to stay and spend a couple of days or so there. In one of the photos you’ll see how it looks in bad weather.  We battened down the hatches for that one but it ended up being a non-event.


One day we spent way too long in our dingy in search of a windmill that we read about in our Bay Cruising Guide.  Gee willikers our bottoms were sore that day.  When we got to the “windmill”, we said that’s it?! …and turned around, cursing the Cruising Guide, as we imagined the locals giggling “here comes another one”.  We have a lot of adventures on the Bay and this weekly photo challenge makes me want to tell some sailing stories. Stay tuned.



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