I get cold-shouldered and live

I love cycling classes.  At my gym, the Friday cycling class is taught by an energetic, upbeat pregnant woman that means business.  The front desk gives me a pass for bike number 13 (that should have been a clue right there).  But when I get to bike #13 someone is already there.  She has a pass for #13 (her favorite bike I should add) and I have a pass for #13.  Hmmm.  She seems annoyed at me.  Oh well.  I suggest we go up to the front desk and they’ll straighten it all out.  I just want to know which pass is the correct pass because the class is now full.  We talk a bit on the way and I tell her that I’m pretty sure my pass is from the previous day because mine is gray and hers is pink.  It is.  Pink is the Friday color, gray was Thursday.  It’s confirmed the desk person gave me the wrong pass.  After apologizing they say they’re happy to reserve me bikes for the rest of the month.  Nice!  Oky doke.  I go back down to remove my water bottle I’d left on the bike when we went upstairs to the powers that be.  Bike #13 lady and I chat and she suggests I wait to see if there are any no shows but I say no I think I’ll go for a nice hike.  We smile and all is well.  Since I didn’t bike yesterday I set off to the 9:30 cycling class today.  Today our bikes are next to each other.  My expectation was that when I see her again we’ll both joke about yesterday’s “bike-gate”.   It appears, not so much.  I say “hi!”.  She looks at me, says “hi”, turns her back and talks to the woman on the bike to the left of her.  Well, la-dee-dah.  What’s up with that?  I didn’t even get to the part where I say “Ha! Wasn’t that funny what happened yesterday?”  My expectation is totally blown.  I feel myself feeling a little hurt and then annoyed because 1-the mix-up wasn’t my fault, 2-didn’t it all work out?  She got the bike and I went to go hiking. 3-wouldn’t it be nice to introduce ourselves and be friendly?  This is a great opportunity to let it go, keep my happy feeling and enjoy the class.  How can such a little teeny tiny thing be so irksome?  I’m irked that she’s still irked.  There’s lots of irking going on.  How to effortlessly let the little things go?  Or, hardshiply (new word Merriam Webster!) let it go?

3 thoughts on “I get cold-shouldered and live

  1. JB West

    Why can’t we just all get along? You were absolutely courteous and friendly. What’s with the cold shoulder routine! Sadly, I see this all the time in the gym where I work. Crazy. I’ve seen Zumba ladies push someone who was in “their” space. I try to remember that what goes around comes around and, as you said, let it go. Have fun at spin!


    1. saradoolittle Post author

      I will, thank you JB! Funny, we are all creature of habits and when I was a newcomer to Zumba I felt like…am I in someone’s “spot”? But oh well, gotta stand somewhere 🙂 I’m trying to look humorously at all our human ways, and of course I demonstrate equally human behavior. No pun intended, but what a ride.

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      1. JB West

        I love reading about other gyms. They’re all the same but different. At one point our manager had to put a sign in the Zumba room that basically said “No pushing and no shoving.” Hysterical! Thanks for sharing.




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