Dreams are wonderfully weird

This past week I had a dream with a celebrity in it.  Not usual at all for me.  But this was someone who wrote many books and two or so that I read in my 20’s or 30’s and really enjoyed.  At some point along the years, I shut down a bit, went in a different direction, and stopped opening to some of the concepts that felt so right to me.  That changed many years ago and I’m no longer shutting down on my beliefs any longer.  A few days ago I found one of her older books that I’d never read.  A book that talks about things I now experience and completely believe in.  I still want to read it.  Maybe that’s why she popped into my dream this week.  She gave me one sentence of advice that I remember repeating twice in the dream so I wouldn’t forget it.  And then I woke up later, remembered the dream, but not much about the advice.  Ah well. I’m not even sure it was really her but instead perhaps my guidance using her image to give me a message.  Nice…sure wish I could remember it.



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