Oh yea!

My relationships are a big way for me to learn, to become more clear, live more consciously and experience unconditional love.  Everything including the kitchen sink could go in that sentence.  Based on all the shifts and new behaviors, and thoughts I have, I’m experiencing some of my relationships changing for the better.  The relationships that don’t, no longer feel right to me and fade away.  I’ve looked at myself and continue to do some work around myself and all of my perceptions, habits, beliefs, and behaviors.  I get to experience the benefit of this work when around my longer term relationships. Recently, I noticed that a person who has been in my life, for a very long time, is vulnerable.  I feel their vulnerability and restlessness for the first time rather than perceiving them as I usually do. My usual fear of not being enough for them no longer fits.  I used to always experience people experiencing me, but using my own poor perceptions of myself.  And when I wasn’t feeling good about myself, I invented negative perceptions about the other person.  I give myself a break because it was challenging to maintain a healthy self-image and lightness around all the heaviness that I was exposed to.  And I took those habits out to adulthood.  It’s nice to no longer have a need for a dialog of my insecurities yammering away in my ear, or to invent a list of someone’s shortcomings.  It’s a big party in my heart because this is an important relationship to me.  Feeling pretty great about this development, while meditating, I visualize releasing my old thoughts and perceptions, going back for many, many years, to the highest form of light and this always works well for me. I’m learning to use my imagination to tap into a dimension that’s available to me and always there and assisting.  When ready, I plan on releasing more.  I start thinking of the possibilities in my other relationships.  I ask for more experiences where I can see more clearly and let go of old perceptions.  It will happen when it’s best for me, and best for the other person,…no sooner, no later.



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