Unstuck and Inspired

The ideas and nudges are flowing and it appears I’m unstuck.  First, I decided to start another meetup group in addition to the one I already have.  Just seeing what works best and learn what I’m interested in.  Possibly overachieving, I started a third meetup group. One group is on healing and making conscious changes for a kick-ass life (yup I actually put that on Meetup).  The other one is for inspired souls with a purpose (I have high hopes for this one).  And I still have the conversations on spirituality meetup.  Whoever attends is always perfect.

Meetups, in addition to bringing folks together who have common interests, are a terrific opportunity to take on a leadership role.  Because I’ve been such a back-of-the-room person, my meetups stretch me to step up and be seen…even if it’s in front of only just one person, which often happens.  It’s also a way to share with others while practicing non-judgment.  All that is super helpful if we’re coming together to work and cooperate towards a common goal.  I became more inspired later in the week when I attended a documentary at a film festival in our town.  Unfortunately, we were meeting with someone in our home and our meeting ran into the movie’s start time.  I really wanted to go anyway so I arrived halfway through the movie.  I wondered why I was paying for a movie I’d only see half of.  It became very clear when afterwards I met a film fest volunteer and we had a weirdly wonderful conversation.  Clearly I was supposed to go to this movie so that I could meet her.  She said something that gave me an idea for another step I can take.  Plus she was just a really cool person, a seemingly very positive woman, and the kind of person I’m drawn to lately.  She was intuitive and happy to share her generous information with me, specifically for me.  That was my intuitive guidance working hard on my behalf.  I’ve been meeting other folks leading to more very unusual conversations that remind me where my passion is.  I plan to keep taking steps, follow my instincts to whatever it is I’m excited about.  Where exactly I’m headed I couldn’t tell you but it’s always unfolding.  It just requires me taking some sort of action.  And that’s the challenge.


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