Monthly Archives: October 2015

Little Fox

In preparation for moving I’ve been wanting to visit all my favorite places.  We drove over to a park and walked along the River’s edge and up into the woods and around an otherworldly looking pond filled with duckweed, blow down and branches poking out of the water.  The woodlands there are very dark and it has such a special feeling.  We walked past the pond and walked up a little further and turned around.  My husband remembered that I had wanted to walk around the backside of the pond so he started walking that way and I happily followed, enjoying my time in this wonderful place.  My jaw dropped as a beautiful young fox ran up the hill.  My husband was exploring down by the pond’s edge and I gasped and tried to get his attention without spooking the pretty fox.  My husband slowly walked up and stood next to me.  Unbelievably the fox started walking towards us.  He moved closer and closer and walked right in front of us, only a couple of feet away.  He then slowly circled us, walking on a log here and there, making us turn full circle to benefit from watching him.  He paused every now and again and yawned once.  What a beautiful coat of fur he had and appeared to be very healthy and happy or so I imagined.  He seemed to be enjoying our company and I think he was smiling.  Then he walked up on top of a stump and sat down, while checking us out for quite some time and yawned again.  Just get up from a nap, did you?  We all stayed in our places enjoying the experience of each other until he decided it was time to move on.  He had things to do, places to go.  What a gift.  We were so grateful for this experience.