Thank You

I love thanking people, especially through a handwritten note.  However, the following sentiments I can’t d and s hands frontjust drop in the mail so I’m sending it out to the Universe right here.

I’m grateful for my divine guidance, all the people who have no idea they’ve been my teachers, those I purposely reached out to for assistance and received great coaching, weirdly wonderful coincidences, and the gazillion served experiences I’m learning from.  And to myself for releasing all of the limiting behaviors and beliefs I once held, or I wouldn’t have allowed for this to be…and most of all, to my kind and patient soulmate.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. wendyb106

    Wow, wondering if we’re all been in the same headspace. Loving your freedom of your choice and thankfulness to those you’ve been learning from along the way. I’ve been on that quest of late, absorbing all that is out there and enjoying the learning curve. I raise my glass and give all those helpers, guiders, soulmates, friends, family and everyone reading this a Bell’s 🙂




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