Monthly Archives: June 2015

Negative Nellies

Most people I see socially are usually positive.  I’m making better choices now and meeting people who are inspired to make changes.  But there’s more negativity I can remove from my circle.  Even if the encounter is temporary as in a class or other group setting that’s supposed to get together for just a few weeks, if it’s predominantly negative, I don’t have to spend time with these folks.  Yes I made a commitment for x amount of meetings but big deal.  Yes, it’s flattering to be asked out to lunch or dinner by ex-colleagues, but not if it isn’t fun when we actually spend time together.  As I listen to long ago office dramas, frequently peppered with the Fbomb, my stomach is in knots and I’m wishing for a power outage so we have to leave the nice restaurant with the yummy food.  Sometimes it takes on a larger scale.  I’m on my condo Board and that’s been an important commitment to me, but maybe it’s time to go.  As a homeowner incites a small mob towards inappropriate and vicious tactics (we’re just talkin’ gardens here folks)…my usual good energy takes a dive until I’m exhausted and wondering why I feel so low.  The over-thinker in me believed the great spiritual lesson was to maintain my awesome peace in the midst of conflict.  Maybe the obvious lesson is that I can just remove myself from the presence of people who choose that degree of negativity.  Totally different than a friend who is venting and in need of listening is an entirely different situation. I get to choose and create an environment that works best for me, all of the time.  Always.  Always.  Always.  No reason and no responsibility is big enough or small enough to warrant anything less than nice.  I choose to feel positive, optimistic, inspired, and hang out with others who feel the same way.  I’m seeing that I can still be way better on how I manage my time and energy.