Monthly Archives: July 2014

It Can Be A Real Drag, But People Are Great Teachers

Ever since some extremely unhappy homeowners have been on a rampage with our condo homeowner’s board, which I’m on, I’ve been miserable.  One person in particular seems particularly ruthless.  I used to practically skip into my peaceful home on a pretty wooded little lake, because I love this place where I live.  However, now I run the mad dash to my front door.  Head down, maybe giving the Queen’s wave if I think that’s safe.  It’s exhausting to be near all that negativity and I feel myself getting really annoyed with them.  At times I even seem to be matching them in negativity and it’s taking up too much of my otherwise well-intentioned time.  And then I remind myself that I don’t have to become the other side of their argument.  Here’s what I’m learning and re-learning, because I get caught up in it all, and keep forgetting…

  • Most things are just not worth getting upset about.
  • Believe in myself.
  • Don’t take anything personally. When someone is behaving so unkindly, it usually has nothing to do with anyone other than themselves.
  • Allow others to be who they are rather than wishing them to be who I want them to be.  What’s that famous saying?…”We can’t feel compassion toward someone we wish to be different.”
  • I’m not anyone’s moral compass.  I have my own life to look at.
  • Sometimes we disappoint each other.  Someone makes an unfortunate move and then someone else makes an unfortunate move.  To me it looks like everyday conflicts and, even wars, start this way.  But the good news is there’s a pony somewhere in all that @#&!  There’s definitely a path to learning a better way, through experiencing and feeling what comes out of all that miscommunication, blindness, deafness and force.  When each of us has had enough, we’ll feel more than think, cooperate rather than compete and, love rather than hate.
  • Maybe I’ll remember that the words I choose, and the actions I take, carry a vibration and, because we’re all connected, my words and actions have an enormous impact.  Even commiserating with others about all this drama keeps the negativity alive.  I’m learning and forgetting, and learning again, to let it go…talk about anything else, great weather…anything but conflict!