Monthly Archives: February 2014

Doing Spiritual

It’s so easy to become pulled into the marketing of all things labeled “spiritual”, falling into the abyss of limitless teachings and offerings, and missing a larger view. There’s Yoga including Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Power, Kundalini, Ashtanga among many others.  There’s Pranayama.  There’s Meditation including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Zazen, Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Walking Meditation, Guided Meditations including Yoga Nidra and much more.  There are spiritual leaders and spiritual pop stars that teach at Kripalu, Esalen, Omega and many other institutes and conferences.  They give workshops at local yoga studios around the country and many have websites, books, DVDs and small empires.  There’s all the Yoga accessories including tshirts, tanks, pants, little lightweight sweatery tops and scarves to keep you looking funky and warm while in the yoga studio. There are mats, hair bands, books, meditation cushions, yoga props, the yoga cleanse, oils, kombucha juice, jewelry and mala beads intended for chanting but often worn as a jewelry accessory to your yoga ensemble.
There are energy workers and healers, massage therapists, shamans, psychics and mediums.  There’s Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Emotion Code and Body Code, IET, EFT, NLP, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healing to name just a few things out of hundreds.  There’s Hay House conferences, webinars, DVDs, CDs, radio and books.  There are local expos. There are stores selling books, candles, crystals, aromatherapy, essential oils, bells, singing bowls, incense, CDs and DVDs.  There are workshops and classes on the chakras, how to find your power animal, how to communicate with your guides, how to communicate with angels, how to raise your vibration and how to determine your life’s purpose.  There are several spiritual TV and radio options and metaphysical newspapers.  There are both spiritual and spiritualist churches.  It’s all a bit much.  That extensive list above is just more noise distracting me away from me.   And taking me away from the deeper spiritual experiences I came here for.  Because it’s become a huge industry, there’s a lot out there.  Although interesting, and some of it has been particularly helpful, I’m not attracted to much of it any longer.  It’s so easy to spend a lot of time mucking about immersing oneself in umpteen tools and modalities, rather than just practicing living more from the heart.  There’s nothing in the above list I need to do or anyone I should learn from.  And anyway, I’m ready to put my own ideas into action.   Meditation, yoga and accessing my intuitive guidance work great for me.  It turns out that I can experience a deeper connection just by being with myself.  It’s through the work of looking at how I interact with the world, that allows me to uncover my spirituality.
There’s no right or wrong way to go concerning the above list.  We each choose whichever path resonates with us.  But for me, one path involved me looking outside, with the hope of finding a way to a deeper connection.  The more direct path simply involves looking inside of me, learning at that place, and taking action from there.  When I allow for it, I see, hear and understand more than I ever could have imagined.