My Intention For This Blog

I wanted to write this blog to share how my life is changing through continuing to look at myself and as a result, uncovering my spirituality.  Through writing, my intention is to become more comfortable being me.  Sharing through blogging is an incredible experience because I’m learning not to worry about what others might think about me.  Self-editing and trying to mainstream myself, held me back from creating a better life.  I’m also letting go of the superficial and limiting beliefs I had about what being spiritual means.  I’m learning that, for me, being spiritual has absolutely nothing to do with religion, whether someone meditates, practices yoga, appears to have a lot of knowledge about the universe, is funky, or conservatively colors within the lines.  Instead, for me, being spiritual is simply a practice of being aware at how I look at myself, others and interact in the world.  And from that, I’m discovering and benefiting from all sorts of amazing things happening.