Monthly Archives: December 2013

Lightening Up

One recent morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed and extra thinky.  Before starting yoga I found myself going to Pandora and choosing the Average White Band station.  Once the beat of JJ Jackson’s “But It’s Alright” started I immediately felt better.  As Earth, Wind & Fire’s live version of “That’s the Way of the World” played I was giggling and feeling a nice connection.  I believe that yoga and many things labeled as “spiritual” are wonderful but often my doing them isn’t when I feel most connected.  It’s more the mind-set I’m in when going about my day.  Whether it’s singing in the car, painting, smiling at someone, taking a Zumba dance class or feeling a connection with a person I just met.  It’s always there.  And, it’s in the really stinko moments as well.  For me, spirituality is in every moment of every day and how I choose to be in those moments.


My Intention For This Blog

I wanted to write this blog to share, to ask questions, and to consider different perspectives from many others.

My passion is spirituality.  My belief is, if our heartfelt desire is to create a better life and a better world, it requires us to look at how we ourselves are being.  And, to open to a beautiful experience of all that is.  I share my real-life experiences both the good and the less good on what it took for me (and is still taking).

Blogging is wonderful because we can benefit from openly sharing with each other, and honoring, our similar and vastly different experiences.  That’s why I’m allowing my commas to land correctly or not, and my feelings, and words to fall as they may.